• ISAPA2017 at Daegu Textile Complex, Daegu, South Korea
  • Olympic Tour with Olympic Conference for all ISAPA2017 Participants in PyeongChang on June 14th

The O.C. for ISAPA2017 would like to offer enormous academic achievement. And also we would like to invite everyone of you to the precious Olympic venue and the Olympic Conference.

  • Date15~16 June 2017
  • VenueDaegu Textile Complex
4th day DTC Conference Hall
Poster Session Location
13:00~ Registration Lobby
15:00 - 16:30 Poster Preparation
Poster Session
16:00 – 18:00
Poster Presentation

* Registration required/ Each poster will be presented on a single board.

* Poster Session : Posters can be put up from 13 o'clock 15th June/ Partitions will be ready to put posters up.

* The poster needs to be kept until 12 o'clock on the 16th.

  • Participation of park golfers with physical disabilities on leisure involvement and exercise commitment
    - Dong-won Kim, Sang-doo Kim (Joongbu University)
  • Effects of swimming program participation on objectified body consciousness and exercise adherence in middle-aged women physically disabled
    - Dong-won Kim, Sang-doo Kim (Joongbu University)
  • The movement in the form of physically disabled persons to participate in classroom-type business impact on exercise adherence and psychological happiness perform
    - Sok-rok Song (KyungDong University), Dong-won Kim (Joongbu University), Young-ae Lee (Youngnam University)
  • A study on the necessity and speciality of the elderly physical education
    - Gi-yong Park, Kyung-ho Kim (Yeungnam University)
  • Exploring factors for implementing integrated physical education classes based on universal design for learning
    - Byeong-il Kang (Kaya University), Nam-jin Kim (Daegu University)
  • The effect of a 12 week-Yoga exercise on body composition, flexibility and gloom in the visually impaired elderly
    - Han-cheol Kim, Young-mi Lee (Yeungnam University)
  • Social interaction between students with and without disabilities in general physical education: A Chinese perspective
    - Jing Qi (Beifang University of Nationalities,), Lijuan Wang (Shanghai University of Sport)
  • Longitudinal trajectories of physical activity among people with physical disabilities in South Korea
    - Young-deok Kim (Texas Tech University), Eun-chul Seo (Won Kang University), Young-hwan Koh (Korea National Sport University), Min-soo Kang (Middle Tennessee State University)
  • Mountain hiking for adolescents with intellectual disabilities in South Korea
    - Kyung-jin Kim, Seo-hee Lee, Lisa Silliman-French (Texas Woman’s University), Jae-hwa Kim (Hannam University)
  • A literature review of research on exercise for people with visual impairments
    - Yeon-taek Jeong, Yeon-jae Choi (Yeungnam University)
  • New criteria for assessing body composition among children with Down syndrome
    - Kyla Collins, Phil Esposito (Texas Christian University)
  • Fusion research on positive psychological capital (PPC) in accordance with physical disabilities participate in swimming classes for 10 weeks
    - Dong-won Kim (Joongbu University)
  • The effect of participation in Sports Centers for the Handicapped on social interaction, role-taking, and identity for people with physical disabilities
    - Joong-heung Park, Soo-jeong Choi, Sung-hoon Kim, Hyun-su Lee (Pusan National University)
  • Influences of disability sports awareness perceived by Adapted Physical Education majors on intention toward teaching individuals
    - Nam-kang Kim, Dae-kyung Kim, Gui-jung Choi, Hyun-su Lee (Pusan National University), Soo-gyung Park (Gyeongju University)
  • Validation of a HAPA-PD of people with physical disabilities in physical activity
    - Jin-joo Park, Dae-kyung KiM, Soo-jeong Choi, Hyun-su Lee (Pusan National University)
  • The effect of kinect active video game on body composition and health-related physical fitness in obese adolescents with intellectual disability
    - Sung-woon Kim (Kyungpook National University), Han-Cheol Kim (Yeungnam University)
  • The effect of coursework on Korean pre-service physical education teachers’ self-efficacy towards inclusive physical education
    - Young-hwan Koh (Korea National Sport University)
  • Parental self-efficacy and parenting practices of parents of young children with and without disabilities in physical activity domain
    - Myung-ha Sur, Lauriece Zittel, So-yeun Kim (Northern Illinois University)
  • Implementation of physical activity for adults with intellectual disabilities living in group homes: Qualitative analyses
    - Chow Bik Chu(Hong Kong Baptist University),  Choi Peggy Hiu Nam (Technological and Higher Education of Hong Kong)
  • Effects of adapted golf program based on quiet eye on motor performance and timing ability of high school students with intellectual disabilities
    - Dong-min Kim, Soo-kyung Kim, Yong-ho Lee (Seoul National University)
  • The effects of adapted golf program on visual perception and attention of student with intellectual disability
    - Sang-hun Yim, Woong-rae Roh, Yong-ho Lee (Seoul National University)
  • Effects of 12-week Korean traditional dance based fall prevention program on balance, gait function, and falling efficacy among Korean older adults
    - Su-jung Yoo, Hee-jung Jeong, Yong-ho Lee (Seoul National University)
  • Use of interactive whiteboards in adapted physical education
    - Jae-hwa Kim (Hannam University), Seok-min Yun (Nazarene University), Kyung-jin Kim (Texas Woman’s University)
  • An exploratory study on the present state of adapted physical activity in the democratic people’s Republic of Korea
    - Ga-ram Jo, Yeong-shin Kim, Yong-ho Lee (Seoul National University)
  • Factors affecting inclusive physical activity in recreation
    - Yasui Tomoyasu, Senga Ai, Ikeda Chisa (Hokkaido University of Education)
  • A Meta-analysis on a comparison of object-control skills of children with and without developmental disabilities by physical activity interventions.
    - Byum-suk Han, Seung-ho Baek, Yong-ho Lee (Seoul National University)
  • The effect of resilience by physically challenged persons on social interaction anxiety
    - Soo-jeong Choi, Dae-kyung Kim, Hye-min Kim, Hyun-su Lee (Pusan National University)
  • Item analysis and evaluation of object-control skills test with intellectual disabilities participating in T-ball
    - Dae-yeon KiM (Korea National Sport University), Byum-suk Han (Seoul National University), Hea-ja Chun (Soonchunhyang University)
  • Correlations among affect happiness, facial expression recognition, and social maturity scale for students with intellectual disabilities - Jae-keun Baek (Songwon University), Tae-Hee Lee (Soonchunhyang University), Hea-Ja Chun (Soonchunhyang University)
  • Physical activity and participation diversity and their associations with gender and motor capability in young children
    - Jane Jie Yu, Cindy Hui Ping Sit (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
  • The idea of Chuang-tzu for the disabled : Beyond physical disability
    - Dong-jin Joo (Yeungnam University), Jin-heung Kim (KaYa University), Jin-sung Uhm (Yeungnam University)
  • Effects of the autistic children sportive Education Project to the Parents' and Autistic Children's Daily Routine Lifes
    - Beyza Merve Akgul, Zeynep Firat, Suat Karakucuk (Gazi University)
  • Comparison on future special education teachers’ awareness of the value of physical activity
    - Tae-young Sim, Ki-yong Park (Yeungnam University)
  • Norms for evaluation on physical fitness in people with Down Syndrome
    - Aleandre Marques, Jennifer Rodrigues, Alice Marques (Federal University of Pelotas)
  • Functional capacity, activities of daily living, physical activity, lifestyles and deterioration cognitive people with higher Down Syndrome 20 years.
    - Jennifer Silveira, Alexandre Marques, Laura Jung (Federal University of Pelotas)
  • The influence of psychomotor physical activities on motor performance of children with intellectual disability
    - Tae-young Sim, Ki-yong Park (Yeungnam University)
  • Research Trends in the Academic Fields of Developmental Disabilities and Adapted Physical Education in Korea
    - Jun Tae Park, Ki Yong Park, yeong myeong Park, Bong Hyeon Lee
  • American and Korean college students’ knowledge, perceptions and attitude on adapted sports and people with disabilities.
    - Chan-woong Park (University of North Dakota), Jun-hyung Baek (University of Maine), Oleg Sinelnikov (The University of Alabama)
  • Service strategies of sport facilities for persons with disabilities in Japan: Current status and issues viewed from organizational characteristics
    - Chihiro Kanayama, Junji Nakanishi (Ritsumeikan University)
  • The effect of fitness program on sports skill and pain symptoms in Korea sitting volleyball players
    - Bog-ja Jeoung, Eun-min Lee, Kyu-yeon Chae (Gachon University)
  • The relationship between field physical fitness test and volleyball skill of sitting volleyball male players
    - Bog-ja Jeoung (Gachon University), Soo-jin Yoo (The University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley), Se-hyun Park (Korea University Guro Hospital)
  • The effect of fitness program on field functional test in Korea male sitting volleyball players
    - Bog-ja Jeoung (Gachon University), Jea-hoon Jeoung (Sports Quattro Conditioning Centre)
  • Promoting equity, access, and social inclusion in pursuing active lifestyles: Community perspectives
    - Kyoung-june Yi (Memorial University), Eun-young Lee (University of Alberta), Matthew Patey (Memorial University)
  • Developing and infusing disability examples into theory courses for physical education teacher education (PETE) majors
    - Maria Zanandrea (Brigham Young University)
  • A Study on the Opportunity of New Value Creation Using the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games focused on Securing Public Values and Expanding Commercial Values between Success and Failure
    - Sok-Rok Song(Kyungdong University)
  • Activities and current states of information exchange for adapted sports - Focusing on the Hokkaido society for adapted sports -
    - Naoya Kondo (Health Sciences University of Hokkaido), Tomoyasu Yasui (Hokkaido University of Education)
  • The idea of Chuang-tzu for the disabled : Beyond physical disability
    - Dong-jin Joo, Chang-su Lee, Jin-sung Um (Yeungnam University)
  • e-Sports, Pokemon-Go: Beyond physical disability
    - Ki-yong Park, Dong-jin Joo (Yeungnam University), Sok-rok Song (Kyungdong University)
  • The Do(道) of the elderly: Focusing on confucius and mencius
    - Sik Lym (Catholic University of Daegu), Jin-heung Kim (Kaya University), Dong-jin Joo (Dongguk University)
  • Impact of new sports activity on neuromuscular development among students with intellectual disability
    - Ryoek Park (Daekyeung University), Han-chel Kim (Yeungnam University)
  • Relationship between the motivation for the acquisition of license for adapted sports instructors, and vocational choices
    - Hyeon Lee (Dankook University)
  • Development and verification of new psychological skills training based on individualized training program(ITP) for rookie goalball athletes
    - Seo-jun Kwon (Dankook University)
  • Difference of the conceptual map of pedagogical content knowledge on integrated education between prospective and experienced physical education teachers
    - Ji-hae Jung, Ji-tae Kim, Hae-in Seo (Dankook University)
  • A study on analysis of participation satisfactions and acceptance of disability of special Olympics youth activation summit on non-disability adolescents
    - Young-hee Cho (Kookmin University), Nam-hee Kim (Shinhan University), Ok-ja Kim (Shinhan University)
  • Research trends in the academic fields of developmental disabilities and adapted physical education in Korea
    - Jun-tae Park, Ki-yong Park, Yeong-myeong Park, Bong-hyeon Lee (Yeungnam Unversity)
  • Social Interaction between Students with and without Disabilities in General Physical Education: A Chinese Perspective
    - Jing Qi(Beifang University of Nationalities), Lijuan Wang(Shanghai University of Sport)
  • A Study about the Awareness of the Korean Disabled National Team Athletes for the Fairness in the Disability Sports : : A Grounded Theory Approach
Min-Kyu, Han & Kown-Il, Kim & Sok-Rok, Song & Min-Chang, Kim
Presented by Prof. Dr. Sok-Rok Song/ May 21 2017

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