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  • 01 04 2019

    Zhang Guorong and Tristimania on April 1st Fools' Day

    On the evening of April 1, 2003, a superstar Zhang Guorong jumped from the 24th floor of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong due to depression, he was 46 years old at that time......

  • 29 03 2019

    Innovative Marketing + Market---Hemony Q1 Market Promotion Activity Sharing

    2018 is the year of the transformation of Hemony and the first year of the establishment of the Marketing Department. As per market operation, different from the single promotion mode of other pharmaceutical enterprises, Hemony adjusted the company framework and established the marketing department to form golden triangle situation to promote the market development. Innovative marketing + market mode can comply with the development of the industry, the trend of the times, and create a brilliant future.

  • 26 03 2019

    [Allergic Rhinitis Attacks] Beishounin Restores Unobstructed Breathing

    Nose is the body\'s first gateway to contact with the outside world. The second Saturday of April each year is the \"national nose day\". In the season getting warmer, bacteria, pollen and willow catkins in air may cause allergic rhinitis.

  • 24 03 2019

    Hemony Works with You together to Eliminate Tuberculosis!

    Tuberculosis is a kind of chronic respiratory infectious disease which seriously endangers people\'s health. Tuberculosis is a chronic infectious disease caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis invading the human body. It can occur in any part of the body, most commonly in the lungs, where sputum enhances mycobacterium tuberculosis resistance and makes it susceptible to drug resistance. Tuberculosis may cause serious consequences if it is not diagnosed early and treated properly. Tuberculosis can make a person lose the ability to work, or even die.

  • 14 03 2019

    Pay attention to sleep and enjoy good time.

    March 21 in every year is the World Sleep Day. Adequate sleep, balanced diet and proper exercise are the three internationally recognized health standards. In 2003, China Sleep Research Association formally introduced the World Sleep Day into China.

  • 13 03 2019

    Once the phoenix tree are planted, the phoenix will come by itself

    From March 11 to 12, 2019, the Provincial Managers\' Works Deployment Conference of Hemony Pharmaceutical and the Initiation Meeting of the Ficus Tree Cultivation Project are successfully held at Chongqing Headquarters. More than 60 provincial managers from all over the country gather in mountain cities to discuss major events and seek common development.

  • 04 03 2019

    Transformation • Let's start again! - The 2018 Annual Ceremony of Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

    On March 1, 2019, the \"Transformation·Let\'s start again\" 2018 Commendation Conference of Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and the 2019 Mobilization & Deployment Conference is launched in Liangjiang Genting Grand Hotel in Chongqing. Hemony people from all over the country gather to celebrate the glory of yesterday and look forward to a bright future!

  • 30 01 2019

    [Spring Festival Mood] The Spring Festival Cuisine of Hemony gives you the taste of home!

    What\'s the Spring Festival mood? It is a ticket to home obtained via great efforts of several days; It is a joyful atmosphere of family reunion; It is a table of reunion dinner meticulously prepared by mother; It’s the joy of watching the Spring Festival Gala by sitting around the stove; ……

  • 29 01 2019

    Strive to be the mainstay of Hemony --- Voyage Plan Training Ceremony held in Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

    On January 24, the forth phase of the Voyage Plan and Training Ceremony of Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is held in the Hemony Technological Park. Lan Jianhua, General Manager and other guests are specially invited to attend the ceremony, to observe, guide and issue the training certificates.

  • 28 01 2019

    Peng Guangrong, Associate Inspector of Chongqing Economic and Information Committee, inspects Hemony Pharmaceutical Co.,

    On January 27, under the leadership of Peng Guangrong, Associate Inspector of Chongqing Economic and Information Committee, responsible persons of related divisions and offices investigate in Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Li Zhiliang, Deputy General Manager of Hemony Pharmaceutical, and Xia Jun, Director of Administration Department accompany this investigation and make a work report.

  • 28 01 2019

    Big news! The 10,000-yuan "Golden Idea" award is born!

    \"I didn\'t expect to get the big award by giving such a small suggestion to the Company!\" Recently, the staff from the Public Affairs Department received the 10,000 Yuan award from the financial sector and was very excited.

  • 21 01 2019

    Zhang Yi, Vice President of CPPCC of Beibei District of Chongqing Municipality leads a delegation to Hemony Pharmaceutic

    On January 18, Zhang Yi, Vice President of CPPCC of Beibei District of Chongqing and Director of Chongqing Beibei Food and Drug Administration, visits and investigates the Hemony Pharmaceutical along with his delegation.

  • 16 01 2019

    Hemony holds a strategic work deployment meeting to practice the Company’s strategy

    According to the strategy and decision made in the annual goal and plan session, Hemony Pharmaceutical holds a strategic work deployment meeting on January 11 to push all of the Company’s strategies forward and accelerate the strategic plans for all segments. General Manager Lan Jianhua and leaders of all segments and members of the strategy formulation team attend the meeting.

  • 15 01 2019

    Fire safety to be always kept in mind ——Hemony Pharmaceutical launches a fire drill

    In order to raise the employees’ awareness of fire safety, enhance their abilities on organization of fire-fighting, evacuation and self-rescue, and have them know better the company’s rules on fire prevention as well as escape routes, Hemony Pharmaceutical has recently organized all of its employees to launch a fire-fighting and evacuation drill.

  • 03 01 2019

    Duan Chenggang, a member of the Standing Committee of CPC Chongqing Municipal Committee, leads a delegation to Hemony Ph

    A New Year comes. On January 2, 2019, the first working day, Duan Chenggang, a member of the Standing Committee of CPC Chongqing Municipal Committee, the secretary of the Party Working Committee of Liangjiang New Area and the director of the Management Committee, visited and inspected Chongqing Hemony Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.